Methods to Help You Keep Your Business’ Asphalt Parking Lot in Good Repair

As a business owner, the exterior appearance of your business can help portray your business in the right or wrong light. As it is important to keep your business' exterior in good repair and the landscaping well-maintained, it is also important to keep your parking lot paving in good condition. A parking lot that has cracks forming and weed growth over a faded paved surface can give off an impression your business is similarly poorly-maintained.

Here are some methods you can use to take care of the condition and appearance of your asphalt parking lot.

Clean and Repair Cracks

The appearance of a dried-out asphalt paved surface looks faded and dried out as the cracks grow larger and form pattern-cracking over its surface. When you don't repair these cracks, they can grow larger and further damage your asphalt, often leading to pot holes and requiring a full resurface. It is important to repair the cracks as they occur to prevent this type of damage.

First, remove any vegetation growth that has grown within the cracks in your asphalt. As dirt and silt can collect in larger cracks, they provide the perfect environment for vegetation to grow. Use the end of a sharp tool, such as a screw driver or garden trowel to dig out any vegetation. Sweep the debris and dirt from the crack, or use a pressure washer to clean the interior of the crack.

Use a liquid asphalt filler to fill thin cracks, then for wider cracks you can use a cold patch asphalt filler, which you can find bagged at most home improvement stores. Be sure to press the patching filler into the crack to remove any pockets of air and level it with surrounding surfaces.

Seal Coat Regularly

When cracks appear on the surface of your asphalt, they occur as the surface of your asphalt dries out and oxidizes from the sun's ultraviolet light. The weather and freeze-thaw patterns in your area can increase the formation of cracks. When you apply a sealcoating to protect the surface of your asphalt, it restores the moisture and waterproof barrier over the surface of the asphalt. This coating also fills in the smallest of cracks and prevents further deterioration.

A sealcoat application is a liquid tar emulsion that is spread in a layer over your asphalt's surface. You can hire it to be applied by a professional asphalt company, or you can complete the application yourself. Be sure you clean the surface of the asphalt and fill in larger cracks before applying the liquid emulsion and smoothing it with a sealcoating squeegee.

Depending on the climate you live in and the pattern of extreme temperatures from summer to winter, you may need to apply a new layer of seal coating more or less frequently. Keep an eye on the condition of your asphalt's surface and when it begins to look faded and cracks start to appear, it is time to apply a seal coating protection.

Use these tips to keep your asphalt parking lot well-maintained and looking nice. For more information, visit resources like