4 Things To Understand About Prime Coating

If you are having an asphalt driveway installed soon, be sure to ask about a prime coat. A prime coat is an essential part of any good paving set-up. It is especially essential when the pavement being laid down is not that thick. Here are a few things you need to know about prime coating before you have an asphalt driveway installed.

#1 Prime Coating Is Necessary For Thin Driveways

If for some reason your asphalt driveway can only be a couple of inches thick, a prime coating is necessary if you want your driveway to last. If you are able to install a thicker asphalt driveway, a prime coat may not be necessary or as vital. The thicker the driveway, the less important it is to have a prime coating.

#2 Prime Coating Is a Granular Base

A prime coating basically establishes a base for your driveway. A prime coating is designed to provide a solid base for your driveway so it doesn't shift. It helps keep the ground in-tact and ensures that everything is level and secure for the main asphalt. Prime coating is made out of low viscosity asphalt.

Prime coating needs to be able to cut into the base below it. Usually the coating needs to have medium curing cutback properties. If air quality is a concern though, emulsified asphalt is a good choice for a prime coating.

#3 Prime Coating Creates a Strong Base

Prime coating helps create a strong solid base for your driveway. This is especially important if the base surface is soft. A prime coating will harden up the base surface, which is important when putting down large sections of asphalt. It will be easier for construction equipment to lay down the asphalt with a solid base coating.

#4 Prime Coating Protect Your Driveway Against Moisture

A base coting also fills in any capillary voids that may exist in the course base surface under the driveway. This will stop moisture from moving through the base into the asphalt. Moisture can be one of the most damaging things to your driveway. Moisture that freezes and expands can cause great cracks to develop in your driveway. Lots of moisture under your driveway can also cause it to collapse downward. A base coat can help protect your driveway from this type of damage.

Talk to your paving contractor about the prime coating process if you have any additional questions. Your paving contractor can let you know what type of material will be used for the prime coating and how they are building a strong base for your driveway that will protect against moisture and wear. Visit a site like http://www.capitalpavingrva.com for more help.