3 Easy-Peasy Additions To Asphalt For A Totally Unique Finish

What is it that comes to mind when you envision an asphalt driveway for your home? If you are like most homeowners, you will conjure up an image of an ordinary strip of black or grey material that leads from the roadway to your house or your garage. However, asphalt can be a lot more visually appealing than just plain grey or black. In fact, with the right contractor and a little creative thinking, your driveway can be completely unique compared to those of your neighbors. Here is a look at three easy-peasy additions you can integrate into an asphalt driveway for a totally unique finish. 

Consider having the asphalt bordered with paving stones. 

Paving stones are often used to create a complete driveway, but they can also be used as accent pieces around an asphalt drive. Therefore, you could easily have pavers integrated:

  • around the outside edge of the driveway
  • where the driveway meets the road
  • in a decorative design laid into the center of the drive

paving stones come in a whole host of colors and shapes. So they are a lot of fun to collaborate with different design ideas for a unique finish to your home's driveway that is all your own. 

Consider having texture added to the asphalt. 

The asphalt driveway does not have to be a completely plain and smooth surface if you do not want it to be. You can easily request that other materials be added to the mix so the finished upper layer shows some texture. For example, different types of aggregate can be added so that the upper layer of the driveway appears to have a pebbled surface. Gravel, rock, sand, and even tumbled glass can be used for added texture and visual appeal if you prefer. 

Consider having the asphalt stamped with a particular pattern. 

Much like concrete, asphalt can be formed and stamped with the right tools and equipment. Therefore, if you want an asphalt drive that has a surface finish that looks like paver stones, bricks, or even randomly shaped natural stones, it is a possibility. Even though the color choices can be more limited with asphalt than what they can be with concrete, the finished design with stamping can offer far more visual depth to the driveway. So even if the color will not be changed a great deal, the drive will offer a variant look that better serves your home.