How To Choose The Right Asphalt Contractor

One of the ways a business can improve access to their establishment is with good parking. If you are thinking about getting a new parking lot or simply improving your current parking lot with repairs, you'll want to find an asphalt contractor in your area. While getting good recommendations is a good start, there are a few ways you can go about figuring out which contractor in your area is right for paving your parking lot. There are three important ways you can ensure you have the right contractor for your asphalt parking lot project.

Get a Few Different Estimates

An estimate from a company or person who provides asphalt contractor services is the first thing you can do to vet different contractors in person. Most contractors will provide an estimate to you for the entirety of a pavement project at no cost. This will be your chance to ask questions about the contractor's process, time frame, and ability to make your vision become a reality. You can also get an idea of any legal requirements from the city for a parking lot for your business. It's good to ask as many questions as possible to get a feel for a contractor's ability and knowledge of paving in the area.

Get a Portfolio of Pavement Work in the Area

Some contractors may have a portfolio of other projects they have completed in the local area. Requesting a portfolio of a contractor's work will help you determine if they can do what they claim. It's also good to visit sites of local asphalt contractors and ask other businesses who have been customers of a contractor about the services they provide. Seeing other parking lot projects completed will help you see how well a contractor's work holds up and whether or not there are cracking or settling issues that were missed. Every city has areas that have potential problems with settling, and a good contractor will know how to properly prepare the ground for a paved lot with a lot of traffic.

Get a Maintenance Plan for Your Pavement

Pavement usually has to be properly maintained. Ask your contractor about how he or she will maintain the work they have done. Some maintenance may be provided as a guarantee of the initial work if cracks or other minor problems emerge before they should. It's important to understand whether or not an asphalt contractor offers any guarantee and for how long after the initial pavement is installed. You may want to discuss having parking lot stalls painted and repainted once or twice a year on a planned schedule to keep your parking lot organized and looking nice.

A good parking lot makes getting in and out of a business establishment easier. When it's paved nicely, it makes a big difference. Having a local contractor who is fair in cost, knowledgeable in the local area, and guarantees the work is someone you will want to hire. Contact a company like Northern Asphalt LLC to learn more.