Repaving the Parking Lot Outside Your Business

Repaving the parking lot around your business can offer many benefits, so finding a contractor who can do the job well is essential. An asphalt paving company that specializes in parking lots is often the best option and will, in most cases, yield the best result for you.

Parking Lot Safety

One of the most crucial reasons for hiring an asphalt paving company to repave your parking lot is to increase driver safety in the parking lot. A parking area full of potholes or with deteriorating asphalt can have some hazards associated with it.

Cracks in the asphalt surface can allow water to seep up from below the parking lot. In cold weather, that water can turn to a thin coating of ice that is hard to see and can cause a driver to lose control of their car. Holes can also be a problem because if a driver hits a pothole that they did not see, it can cause the vehicle to change direction or stop suddenly. Other vehicles following the car could run into the stopped vehicle.

Repairing damage to the asphalt can reduce these kinds of risks in the parking area, and if you own the lot, it will reduce your liability for things that happen in the parking lot. 

Resurfacing the Parking Area

If your parking lot needs some work, have an asphalt paving company inspect the lot for you. They will give you an estimate to repair damage to the lot and let you know what work needs to be done. The asphalt paving company can often resurface the parking area without having to tear up the existing pavement. However, if there is damage to the lot that requires some repair work under the asphalt, the contractor may have to dig up a section of the lot and then patch it before resurfacing.

Once the lot is adequately prepped, the asphalt paving company can apply a new layer of asphalt over the existing one. If the surface needs it, they can grind off a small amount of the old material, giving the new asphalt a better surface to adhere to. Asphalt grinding is pretty common and leaves a ribbed surface on the old asphalt so that the new material has more surface to grip and creates a better bond between the old and the new materials. 

Once the surface is repaved, the asphalt paving company will put all the painted markings back on the parking lot surface, and you will be all set for a few more years. You may want to talk to the asphalt paving company about maintaining the lot for you, or you can wait and call them if there is a problem down the road.