What The Changes Of Seasons Can Do To Your Asphalt Pavement

If you provide your asphalt surface with the proper maintenance, you and your customers or clients can enjoy smooth driveways and parking lots year-round. Asphalt continues to be a good option if your parking lot undergoes heavy use; however, it can be negatively impacted by various environmental factors. As a business owner, you need to perform routine maintenance and be able to spot signs of issues so that your business doesn't need to shut down for significant repairs.

Significant Rainfall

The majority of cracks and potholes that you see in asphalt surfaces are formed as a result of excess moisture. Your asphalt surface should have a coat of sealant over the top of it that offers protection against moisture. However, if this coating has not been renewed in the past few years, then it is unable to offer protection, allowing moisture to seep into the asphalt and foundation where it will form cracks. Cracks, which can eventually turn into potholes, are often expensive to repair. Therefore, it is better to invest in sealcoating maintenance early on.

Sunlight and Intense Heat

The long days of summer heat cause your asphalt to warm up and soften. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of cracks and potholes forming. With proper maintenance, though, which consists of visual inspections and routine patching when needed, you can prevent the formation of large cracks and smaller potholes from getting larger.

Freezing Temperatures

There are a number of issues that can occur during the winter when the temperatures dip and snow starts falling. When the snow warms up on the surface, it can create slush and water. Then, when the temperatures fall again, that excess water freezes again and expands, resulting in the formation of cracks. Improper techniques related to deicing and salting can result in cracks as well as compromised sealcoating. While it is important year-round, winter may be the most important time of year to ensure you remain diligent regarding your asphalt maintenance and repairs.

With the right maintenance for your commercial asphalt, it is possible to prevent a lot of significant and expensive repairs. If you need help with maintenance tasks, contact a commercial paving service in your area. They will be able to help with the sealcoating process and lead you down the right path on steps you need to take to keep your asphalt surface in good condition year-round, which will help ensure you are providing a good first impression while also offering a safe place for your clients and customers.