How To Tell If You Need New Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is one of the most popular materials used in outdoor settings; many driveways, roads, and parking spaces are created out of asphalt paving. While it is an exceptionally sturdy material, if left untreated and without maintenance, your asphalt can deteriorate to the point where it needs to be replaced. New asphalt paving is even stronger than it was in the past and, if you maintain it well, it will survive far longer. Here are a few signs that your old asphalt paving needs to be replaced with a new and improved version that will last well into the future. 

Completely Loose Edges 

Your asphalt is strongest when it is packed together tightly and there is complete structural integrity from the edges to the center. If your asphalt has been around long enough, the edges may start to become a weak point because they have nothing to support them on their outside (which is why maintenance on these areas is so important). If the edge of your asphalt paving, whether that is a road or driveway, has clearly started to crumble, then you should act fast as it can turn into a domino effect and ruin everything. New asphalt paving along the edges can shore up this weakness.

Potholes Continually Appearing

As long as you fill in potholes when they appear with some loose asphalt then you can prevent larger problems from gathering steam. The issue is when you leave your asphalt for too long without any management, then potholes can increase to the point where it is no longer feasible to continue refilling the asphalt and you should just begin an asphalt overlay to replace it. If you have potholes of an unreasonable size and degree every few yards, then it is time to begin considering when you will replace it.

Washed Away

After many years of use, the foundation of your asphalt can become loosened and, in exceptionally strong weather, parts of your asphalt paving can be washed away. This is unusual, but also something that you need to prepare for if your asphalt is several decades old. It is not meant to last that long without proper maintenance, which many people forget to arrange. After a large thunderstorm with a huge outpouring of water, which many areas of the country experience all too often, you could lose entire sections of your asphalt paving and will need to replace it rather than repair it. 

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