Comparing An Asphalt Parking Lot To A Dirt Or Concrete One

Asphalt is one of the options you have when it comes to picking the surface material for your business's parking lot. In order to see how good asphalt is, you should read the rest of this article. It will compare asphalt against dirt and concrete, giving you a much better idea of why you might want to hire an asphalt contractor to transform your parking lot into a nice asphalt one as soon as possible. Here's more on this: 

Dirt parking lots 

One of the things customers may immediately think when pulling up to your business and seeing a dirt parking lot is that it may not be open yet. A dirt parking lot can give the feeling of a project being uncompleted if the business space is a new one. Also, they will often be concerned about their car when pulling into a dirt parking lot. If they have recently had their car washed, then they won't like the idea that they are going to be pulling out of the parking lot in a car that's much dustier than the one they parked in the lot. Also, since a dirt parking lot can't be striped, it can be confusing to know which way to go and exactly where the parking spots are. In the rain, customers will be left walking through a muddy parking lot. 

Concrete parking lots  

Concrete parking lots will look as if they are finished. New ones can look nice, but a problem with concrete is that a clean look likely won't last long. It can be very hard to keep a concrete surface looking nice because the whitish color makes the surface easy to stain. Even tire skids will stand out against the surface. Another thing that customers may not appreciate is the fact that some of the striping can be difficult to see, such as the white and yellow striping. Also, concrete can be slippery to walk on when it's raining. 

Asphalt parking lots 

Not only will an asphalt parking lot look finished, but it will also be able to maintain its new look over the years. As soon as you notice it's starting to look old, you can have it sealcoated and brought back to life. All colors of striping will also show up well, so it will be easy for customers to determine which way to go and exactly where all the parking spots are. The asphalt also has a texture to it that makes it safer to walk on when it's raining.

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