Sealcoating Is A Black Coating That Revives Your Driveway And Protects The Asphalt

If you have an asphalt driveway that looks old, faded, and neglected, talk to a paving contractor about how you can revive the asphalt. The approach the contractor takes will depend on how much damage your driveway has. If your driveway only has mild cracks and small holes, sealcoating after repairs have been done could be the solution. Putting on a sealcoat is much less expensive than resurfacing or repaving your driveway. Here's a look at how sealcoating is done.

Your Driveway Has To Be Repaired And Cleaned First

A sealcoat doesn't make any repairs. It helps prevent future damage, but it can't do anything about existing damage, and the coating is too thin to cover it up. The contractor starts by filling the cracks and holes so they're stabilized and level with the driveway. Then, they'll clean the driveway to get rid of grit and dirt so the sealcoat will adhere well. They might do this with a pressure washer. Once the driveway has been prepped properly, the contractor is ready to start applying the coating. However, the work has to be done during mild weather, so if cold weather is expected, the work may need to be postponed until the temperatures are warmer for a day or so.

The Sealcoating Is Applied To The Asphalt

A sealcoat can be sprayed on or applied with a squeegee. The contractor may use the squeegee method around the edges and near your garage door so the spray doesn't go where it shouldn't. However, if your contractor prefers, the crew can complete the entire driveway with squeegees rather than using sprayers. The coating is applied evenly so the surface has a smooth, attractive finish.

Sealcoating itself is fast. The most time-consuming part is repairing the asphalt and cleaning it. Once the coating is on, it needs to cure before you can drive on it. Your paving contractor will explain all the steps involved and let you know when you can use your driveway again.

Your Driveway Is Protected From Sun And Rain

When your driveway has been sealcoated, it has a deep black color again, so it adds beauty to your property rather than looking worn down. In addition, the coating acts like a protective barrier on the asphalt that prevents damage from UV exposure and rain. This helps your driveway have a long life. The sealcoat eventually wears off due to traffic on the asphalt, but when it does, you can have a new coating put on to maintain the protection for your driveway.

Contact a local sealcoating service to learn more.