Custom Paver Driveway: Helpful Installation Advice For Homeowners

Homeowners can access many driveway materials, but pavers are some of the best because they're durable and allow for endless pattern possibilities. If you plan to set pavers up yourself to create a driveway, here are some tips to simplify the process.

Create a Border 

So that you envision the end of driveway paver installation and have a visual guide to use, go ahead and create a border. Decide where you plan to set up a new paver driveway, and then mark off its dimensions to where they're clearly visible. 

For instance, you can use string or spray paint to create a border. Either way, ensure your markings hold up throughout installation to avoid losing track of placement sites. 

Have Utilities Marked Off For Drainage Base 

Every good paver driveway needs an optimal drainage base because your driveway may collect water without it. Over time, excessive water will break down pavers and then you have to replace them. 

To set up a drainage base, you have to dig a few feet in the ground. In order to dig safely, you should have your utilities marked off. Let a professional show where utilities are so you don't risk hitting a water or gas line when setting up a drainage base. 

Cut Pavers to Fill Gaps 

You may have gaps around several areas when you set up pavers to form a driveway. You won't struggle to fill them if you cut pavers rather than try to wedge them in. Just make sure you use a concrete saw.

This type of saw is powerful enough to cut through any paver material. Additionally, it lets you cut precisely, making it easy to customize paver dimensions so that gaps don't give you any trouble. 

Make Sure You're Happy Before Sealing Pavers 

You can keep pavers in place for a driveway if you seal them. Before doing so, look at the final product and verify that you're happy with what you see. Do you like where the driveway is and the orientation that you have pavers? If so, you can seal each paver in place with solutions that are weatherproof. Conversely, if you're not happy, you can adjust to avoid lingering regrets. 

Pavers work great for many projects but are extremely valuable when used for residential driveways. With that said, take your time setting up each paver so that all the time and energy you put into this project make a difference. 

For more information about custom driveway paver installation, contact paving contractors in your area.