Sealcoating Is A Black Coating That Revives Your Driveway And Protects The Asphalt

If you have an asphalt driveway that looks old, faded, and neglected, talk to a paving contractor about how you can revive the asphalt. The approach the contractor takes will depend on how much damage your driveway has. If your driveway only has mild cracks and small holes, sealcoating after repairs have been done could be the solution. Putting on a sealcoat is much less expensive than resurfacing or repaving your driveway. Read More 

Asphalt Sealcoating Company — Key Things To Look For

There are many advantages to sealcoating asphalt surfaces, such as preventing water from causing cracks to get bigger and extending the lifespan of asphalt. If you wish to accomplish these goals with sealcoating, make sure you hire a company that offers several things. Effective Oil Stain Removal If there are any oil stains on asphalt that you're looking to sealcoat, whether it's a driveway or parking lot for a commercial business, you need to remove them before a sealcoat is applied. Read More 

3 Things You Should Know About Driveway Cracks

Most driveways and other asphalt surfaces will eventually develop cracks, with more cracks typically appearing as the asphalt ages. While most cracks are a normal (and repairable) part of asphalt aging, you shouldn't ignore them or allow them to remain unaddressed for long. Although a few cracks don't necessarily mean your driveway is failing, they can lead to larger problems.  Next time you're walking across your driveway, look closely at the surface and examine it for signs of cracks. Read More 

Painting Stripes On Your Parking Lot

A well-organized and visually appealing parking lot is critical for your business. It plays a crucial role in ensuring safety while also promoting the efficient flow of traffic and enhancing the overall aesthetics of a commercial area. To this end, you will need to ensure that your parking lot has lines painted to help drivers more effectively navigate this space. What Are The Benefits Of Having A Well-Striped Parking Lot? Read More 

Block Cracking In Your Asphalt Parking Lot

An asphalt block crack consists of a combination of vertical and horizontal cracks that carve the parking lot paving into rough rectangle shapes. There may be many cracks resulting in small rectangles or a few cracks carving out larger rectangle slabs from the asphalt. Not only do these cracks look bad, but they also cause a rough driving surface and they may develop into potholes or paving base problems.  Causes  Read More